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Our Mission

Alvitera is a fashion brand created with immense love for nature, people and, of course, a passion for beauty and style.

Alvitera is our (rethought and) realised future. We believe in people's willingness to live meaningful lives. That is why our mission is to encourage everyone to think about the consequences of their actions. Everyone should realise how much is determined by every one of us. How a small change, something seemingly insignificant, such as buying a single Alvitera T-shirt from authentic certified organic cotton, saves more than 2,400 litres of drinking water!

All clothes with the Alvitera brand are made entirely of certified organic and recycled materials benefitting both nature and our health. 

We, at Alvitera, want to prove that "beauty will save the world".

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

Този уебсайт използва бисквитки, за да подобри вашето потребителско преживяване в магазина. Ще приемем, че сте съгласни с това, но можете и да откажете, ако желаете