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Who We Are

The idea for Alvitera originated with Galina Tzvetanova as a natural continuation of her passionate commitment to the mission of preserving the planet. Galina decided to create an entirely new fashion brand that aims to contribute to the world in two manners- by bringing beauty to its clients and helping to cleanse and heal our nature through conscious and sustainable choices.

The team of like-minded collaborators have been supporting and ensuring the realization, development and growth of Alvitera.

Alvitera is our vision for the future (the name is derived from "Altera Vita", which in Latin means "second life"). With Alvitera, we prove that fashion is not necessarily a polluter of nature; on the contrary.

Clothes can fulfil their purpose - to be functional, to help you feel beautiful and express yourself, and at the same time - to improve your health (and our planet's) through your sustainable choices. Therefore, our conclusion is simple. If we genuinely care about the Earth's future and we all work together, we can end the despotism of fast fashion.

Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

Този уебсайт използва бисквитки, за да подобри вашето потребителско преживяване в магазина. Ще приемем, че сте съгласни с това, но можете и да откажете, ако желаете